Is this the best ukulele solo ever recorded?

I’m not an expert ukulele player, but I know a great solo when I hear one. Ukulele, like the acoustic guitar, has strings and a hollow body used to project the sound. It’s also fairly uncommon to hear ukulele played very quickly. Speed is a quality found in electric guitar music, but not so much in ukulele music. Continue reading

Xbox Scorpio Review


It’s definitely early to be looking for review of Xbox Scorpio. I mean, the console successor to the Xbox One isn’t even out yet. Furthermore, The final name probably won’t even be “Scorpio”, as cool as that is. But since this is my site for testing new things and Google Trends says that as many people are looking for “Xbox Scorpio Review” as are looking for “Astro a50 review”, well here it is!

This site will surely get completely buried in search results once Scorpio launches, and the big sites (IGN, Polygon) get their hands on real hardware. But for now, let’s have a little fun. Continue reading

Authority, An Authoritative Article


I’m talking about authority, and in doing so, I’m going to use the word authority.

Over the course of this article, I will mention the word “authority” several times and link to various points on the page to test if the authority of a website has anything to do with the amount of links to itself. I’ll use some headings and some italics, but mostly links. I will also aim to only use external links when they benefit me.

What is authority?
Precooling Authority
Domain Authority
Government Authority
South Park Authority
Job Authority
Port Authority
Sports Authority
Parental Authority
Traditional Authority
Ultimate Authority

What is authority?

From the standpoint of a dictionary, “authority” is having some level of respect, in regards to an area or jurisdiction; or having some amount of control or power to set rules or laws; and having the ability to punish those who break said rules or laws.

However, in the context of this article, “authority” will have various meanings depending on the topic. For example in the field of SEO, authority might be used when talking about domain authority, which we’ll explain in that section.

Precooling Authority

A good first case of authority is the MACS Cooler. MACS is a precooling system for cooling fresh produce. MACS is the “authority” on automated forced-air precooling.

Anyone looking for how to extend shelf-life and maintain quality of fresh produce should look to MACS Cooler technology. It’s no wonder that they are the authority on precooling equipment.

Domain Authority

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Domain Authority refers to how much “authority” or sway a domain has when passing “link juice” to external links.

An example of this is The New York Times. Anytime that TNYT links to an article, it passes a tremendous amount of power to search engines thanks to it being an established authority on the web. The more trustworthy a website is, coupled with how often it is linked to from other trusted sources, the more Domain Authority it will have.

Government Authority

Some old adage about death and taxes. It’s hard to argue, the government has authority over even the rights of its citizens. This makes many people uncomfortable, but the government is “owed” some authority for the simple fact that they organize our infrastructure and manage our laws.

Without a ruling authority (government), we would have anarchy, where everyone would be an equal authority, and that’s no authority.

Pray for your government, but respect their authority.

South Park Authority

Speaking of “respecting authority”, Cartman from South Park is famous for his line “respect my authoritah!”. This is simply an amusing way of saying “authority”. Those kids are so funny.

Written and voiced primarily by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the South Park kids have a level of authority when it comes to satire. Their satire skills are top-shelf. They can get people talking about current events news from a different angle and we keep quoting them. Now that’s some authoritah.

Job Authority

In any job, there is a hierarchy. Some companies aim for a “flat structure”, but there is ultimately always some authority, and others subject to them.

An employer holds authority on hiring and firing, setting pay wages, benefits. Depending on the structure, they may pass authority to managers or officers whose duty it may be to do some of those things or other tasks such as leading a team towards a goal.

If the workers don’t recognize their higher-ups as an authority, there can be tension. Someone is probably going to get canned if it keeps up. Don’t get canned.

Port Authority

Port authorities are boards or bodies that govern ports/harbors.

Coastal cities often have a port authority, whereas towns may or may not depending on whether they are big enough to sustain their own port.

Port Authority also happens to be a clothing store.

Sports Authority

Another clothing store, Sports Authority almost rhymes with Port Authority, but not quite.

Parental Authority

Parental Authority is important for raising good and moral children. Children must submit to their parents’ authority in order to be trained as well as they can be.

To some degree, parental authority is passed to the babysitter when the parents are away.

Traditional Authority

There is this authority in relation to sociology, where people respect something as an “authority” because of cultural norms, i.e. tradition.

While tradition can pass many truths down through generations effectively, tradition doesn’t equal truth. Simply because it’s always been done that way, doesn’t require that it continue.

Think for yourself if something is right and true, or merely tradition. You may find that the tradition doesn’t have any authority anymore.

Ultimate Authority

There is ultimately one Authority, God. He gets the first and final say. It’s best if you are on his side in the end.

Precooling grapes reduces browning, increases shelf-life

grapes square

Grapes are a delicious and versatile food. Grapes grown for fresh produce (not for wine or raisins) must be taken care of during the postharvest process in order to reach the table in optimal condition. Precooling plays a key role in the quality of table grapes after harvest, before the consumer takes their first juicy bite.

Beating “browning”

There are two types of browning in grapes, “flesh browning”, or “skin browning”; and “internal browning”. These two types of browning can have different root causes, and as UC Davis points out, the soluble solids concentration (SSC) is a factor in skin browning. But a mighty important second factor is the decay rate of the grapes once harvested from the vine.

In order to best defeat grape browning and preserve high product quality, the temperature of the grapes needs to be reduced as soon as possible after harvest. This postharvest process of removing temperature is called “precooling” “pre-cooling” or just “cooling”.

Why precooling grapes is so important

Grapes, like most other forms of fresh produce, begin to decay as soon as they are harvested. This decay process is tied to the respiration rate of the fruit or vegetable, and the temperature the produce is kept at.

The longer the produce sits at higher temperatures, the faster the rate of decay.

Grapes should be cooled down to 30-32°F within a couple of hours after harvest. The longer the grapes rest above this temperature, the faster they will decay.

Depending on the variety or cultivar of grape, the best cooling temperature may fluctuate by a few degrees. “Princess” grapes and “Italia” are both subject to browning. The “princess” variety is a hybrid white, seedless and a cross from the “crimson seedless” and the “B40-208”.

The most effective precooling method for grapes

There are at least five methods of precooling fruits and vegetables. Grapes can be either room cooled or forced-air cooled. Room cooling is not effective, since the temperature drops so slowly, the grapes are at risk of decay and browning.

Forced-air cooling is the best method for precooling grapes. The faster the heat can be removed, the more decay and browning is prevented. This is why something like a MACS Cooler is so well suited for cooling table grapes, automated equipment specifically designed to remove field heat as quickly as possible.

Proper cold storage is critical

The grapes must be stored in a temperature controlled room until shipment. There is a tendency for the fruit to respire, even after being precooled, but a cold room will keep the temperature from climbing.

Once cooled, the cold storage room will help control the decay. Another important treatment includes Sulphur Dioxide to retard the decay process even more.

Proper cold storage is by far the most important precaution after precooling. Nothing will encourage browning and decay like warmth and respiration.

Cool grapes are healthy grapes

Combining forced-air cooling with careful cold storage will yield the healthiest product. Consumers are becoming increasingly selective when it comes to fresh produce. If the product isn’t up to the visual standard set by high quality fruit, it will be passed over by the consumer.

Higher quality produce benefits everyone, consumers are happy and healthy, and grape profits stay up if the quality remains. Growers want to partner with precooling facilities that do what they can to extend the shelf-life of the product. For example a facility using conventional tarped-tunnels will be able to cool grapes down to the right temperature, but a facility incorporating a MACS Cooler or other powerful precooling equipment will cool the grapes in half the time. This may be an important factor in selecting a precooling facility.

Stopping mold growth

Grapes that have been exposed to molds won’t be protected by cooling alone. They will need to be fumigated with Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). Browning attributed to mold takeover must be stopped with Sulfur Dioxide.

Botrytis cinerea could cause rot on grapes and rapid cooling and cold storage isn’t enough to stop it. But cold temperature is key to allowing the Sulfur Dioxide to kill the organism.

Once the product has been fumigated, weekly fumigation must occur to prevent a Botrytis outbreak during long-term cold storage.

Grape growers, precoolers, and shippers who follow these methods will be successful in maintaining long shelf-life and high product quality.

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Fast-paced, sped up video music

In the 1960’s, comedian Benny Hill made Yakety Sax famous. He made it so famous, he practically stole credit for the song’s existence. Most people hear Yakety Sax and think “The Benny Hill Theme”. The song has become so popularly associated with high-speed antics that video makers often seek to use the Benny Hill Theme for their background music. What these producers often don’t know, is the Benny Hill Theme is not royalty-free or public domain. This means you would have to pay for a license to use Yakety Sax in your original video. Continue reading

Hidden Image Found in Hot Wheels Logo

Hidden images in company logos are not new. From the hidden chocolate kiss in the Hershey’s Kisses logo to the “31” in the Baskin-Robbins logo, and many more in between, clever graphic designers have been sneaking things into company logos for years.

Well a new hidden image has been found in the iconic Hot Wheels logo. It had gone unnoticed for about 5 years. But one clever blogger discovered it recently. The image craftily hidden in the Hot Wheels logo is that of a tire. The tire is standing vertical and appears to be ready to roll to the right. Do you see it?