has exclusive Xbox Splash Screens the only place on the internet for Xbox One and Xbox 360 Splash Screens. You know, the screens that pop up on your Xbox One before the game loads. Xbox Screens has many of the splash screens and loading screens from the most popular games. Some of the images (the Xbox 360 splash screens in particular) make great wallpapers for your desktop.

Each image page on has a full HD 1920 x 1080 picture. And after some diligent searching, none of the splash screens have so far been found anywhere else, making them exclusive to XboxScreens.

If you are looking for HD wallpapers from Xbox One or Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games, hit up They update their website with new splash screens as they come in.

Fast-paced, sped up video music

In the 1960’s, comedian Benny Hill made Yakety Sax famous. He made it so famous, he practically stole credit for the song’s existence. Most people hear Yakety Sax and think “The Benny Hill Theme”. The song has become so popularly associated with high-speed antics that video makers often seek to use the Benny Hill Theme for their background music. What these producers often don’t know, is the Benny Hill Theme is not royalty-free or public domain. This means you would have to pay for a license to use Yakety Sax in your original video. Continue reading

Hidden Image Found in Hot Wheels Logo

Hidden images in company logos are not new. From the hidden chocolate kiss in the Hershey’s Kisses logo to the “31” in the Baskin-Robbins logo, and many more in between, clever graphic designers have been sneaking things into company logos for years.

Well a new hidden image has been found in the iconic Hot Wheels logo. It had gone unnoticed for about 5 years. But one clever blogger discovered it recently. The image craftily hidden in the Hot Wheels logo is that of a tire. The tire is standing vertical and appears to be ready to roll to the right. Do you see it?

Automated Berry Cooler’s Technology Invigorates Precooling Industry


MACS Coolers are automated produce cooling systems (precoolers). MACS stands for (Modular Automated Cooling System). They are designed to quickly cool fresh fruits and vegetables. Precooling is an important part of the postharvest phase of agriculture, as it extends the shelf life of fresh produce. After the fruits and veggies are picked, they begin to deteriorate immediately. It’s critical then to get them cooled as soon as possible. Here is where the MACS Cooler enters the picture. Continue reading

Target gives you reasons to Preorder Skylanders SWAP Force

Preorder your Skylanders SWAP Force at Target, get goodies.  First off, those who preorder SWAP Force at Target stores will get “magic pre-sell cards” that unlock upgrades within the game.

Secondly, those who preorder the Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack at participating retailers will nab a free LightCore Hex Skylanders Giants character.

We’ll have to see what other retailers offer for incentive, but for now, Target is offering a pretty compelling deal.